Convection, Chemistry, and Climate Research Group

in the School of Meteorology at the University of Oklahoma

  Last Update:

16 October 2019

Welcome to the website for the Convection, Chemistry, and Climate (CCC) research group in the School of Meteorology at the University of Oklahoma! On this website you will find information on group members, group research activities, and our peer-reviewed publications.


Questions/comments related to the content provided on this website, inquiries about graduate school opportunities, and communication from the press should be directed to
Dr. Cameron R. Homeyer.


October 2019

  • Former CCC group member Thea Sandmæl's paper summarizing statistical evaluation of radar and satellite observations for discrimination between non-severe, severe, and tornadic storms is now available in early online release in JAMC! LINK

  • Lots of CCC group research will be shared at the upcoming AGU Fall Meeting in December 2019 and the AMS Annual Meeting in January 2020! Come see our latest contributions. Links to group work in meeting programs: AGU; AMS

  • Several papers have been recently published, covering pyroconvection and mesoscale convective systems. See Publications page for more detail!


September 2019

  • Gridded NEXRAD WSR-88D Radar (GridRad) data are now being produced in near-real-time at 10-min frequency to support the DCOTSS field project during the next several years. See the Real-Time page for access to imagery including tropopause-overshooting convection products. Unique GOES imagery is also available, with enhanced Infrared (IR) imagery in a few color options that are designed to be equally interpretable by individuals with or without color vision deficiency.

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