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19 October 2017

Welcome to the website for the Convection, Chemistry, and Climate (CCC) research group in the School of Meteorology at the University of Oklahoma! On this website you will find information on group members, group research activities, and our peer-reviewed publications.


Questions/comments related to the content provided on this website, inquiries about graduate school opportunities, and communication from the press should be directed to
Dr. Cameron R. Homeyer.


September 2017

  • Dr. Homeyer was awarded the 2017 OU College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences Dean's Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship!

  • A team led by Drs. Martin, Furtado, Homeyer, McPherson, and Richman in the School of Meteorology at OU was awarded a large, 5-year grant to study extreme precipitation for the NSF PREEVENTS program. See press release here: LINK

August 2017

  • Dr. Homeyer, Shawn Handler, and Thea Sandmæl presented research results at the American Meteorological Society's 38th Conference on Radar Meteorology.


July 2017

  • Dr. Homeyer was featured in an on-camera interview with Fox 25 in OKC about our recent PNAS paper (see Publications page). LINK


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