>> Chik Tek 97 Conference Brings Women, Art and Technology Together
>> in Silicon Valley; Conference Blends Art, Technology, Women's Issues
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>>    SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 30, 1997--A consortium
>> of female artists and technology innovators today announced Chik Tek
>> 97, a ground-breaking gathering of women across the spectrum of art
>> and technology.
>>    Taking place Nov. 1-2 in San Jose, the conference promises to
>> present work that will inspire and facilitate women's impact on
>> emerging technologies.  Sponsored by San Jose State University's
>> CADRE Institute and the San Jose Museum of Art, Chik Tek 97 focuses
>> on two platforms -- a new-media art exhibition and a symposium made
>> up of talks and panel discussions.
>>    The symposium will include presentations by such noted speakers
>> as author, artist and UC Davis professor, Lynn Hershman; well-known
>> interactive multimedia artists such as Abbe Don of Abbe Don
>> Interactive Inc.; and industry veteran and original member of the
>> Shockwave team, Sarah Allen.
>>    "Silicon valley and the multi-media gulch area have become the
>> crossroads of where technology meets art, turning it into a hotbed of
>> creativity and innovation.  We're finding that more and more women are
>> at the forefront of this fascinating field," said Lisa Milosevich,
>> founder of Chik Tek 97.
>>    Other presentations include Tamiko Thiel, creative designer and
>> producer of Starbright World -- an award-winning virtual reality
>> playscape for seriously ill children -- as well as presentations on
>> digitally manipulated photography, digital storytelling and media
>> theory.  Panel discussions will address issues such as dispelling
>> myths about women in cyberspace, mentoring and women's roles in
>> technology.
>>    Thiel remarked: "There are lots of events in the Bay Area for
>> women in technology, but the ones I've attended tend to focus on
>> job-hunting.  Chik Tek is different because there will be a dialogue
>> about art and art-making, and an investigation into the reasons why
>> the combination of women, art and technology is becoming so
>> culturally powerful."
>>    Advanced registration for Chik Tek 97 costs $40 for the two-day
>> conference, or $25 per day.  Onsite registration costs $60 for the
>> entire conference, or $30 for each day.  To register online or to
>> find more detailed information on proceedings, visit Chik Tek 97's
>> website at .
>>    To request a mailed brochure send e-mail to
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