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Jenny Clark

I'm Jenny Clark, a second year MA student at OSU. In working on a dual degree in the English Department and the Women's Studies Department, I am basing much of my current research on feminist methodology and women's writings in 19th century transatlantic culture. I am currently working on a collaborative research project with Jeff Loew, another member of the 879 course. Together, we are exploring Sojourner Truth's texts and the ways in which she reinscribes and reembodies her self as an African-American woman in the mid-19th century. Of particular interest to us is not only notions of bodies and power, but also of the ways in which legal regimes of property have attempted to silence and objectify gendered, sexed, and raced bodies. We're exploring Truth's rheotical challenges to these regimes as well as the implications of white women's transcriptions of her speeches.

Melissa Dunbar

I am a second year PhD student in the College of Education. My focus areas in education are philosophy of education, history of education and feminist issues. I have also spent much time in Writing Centers which has lead to my interest in Rhetoric and Composition. For my project in this class I would like to look at the role that these female rhetors have played as educators. There is practically no mention of women's writing in education until very recently; although, since at least the beginning of the 19th century, women were the principal educators.

Melissa Goldthwaite

In June of 1997, I finished my M.F.A. in creative writing (poetry and creative nonfiction) at Ohio State University and, this summer, entered our Ph.D. program in Rhetoric and Composition. My interests include nature writing, spirituality, and feminism. For the past two years, I have been working on making connections between rhetoric and composition and creative writing by studying the ways that women researchers in rhet/comp have used forms of the personal essay for their disciplinary writing. For my course project this term, "Bringing the Oikos to the Polis in Contemporary Rhetorical Practice," I'd like to explore the ways that both household/private and public rhetoric are transformed when they are combined in contemporary personal essays.

Lin-Lee Lee

I am a native of Taiwan, the Republic of China. I am the second year Ph. D. student from the University of Minnesota, an advisee of Dr. Karlyn Khors Campbell, and currently studying as a CIC traveling student at the Ohio State University for the fall quarter, 1997. Besides escaping from the cold weather in Minneapolis, I am here to learn with Dr. Mary Garrett in Classical Chinese rhetoric which has interested me since 1991 when I studied with Dr. Vern Jensen. My focus of study includes Asian rhetoric, presidential rhetoric, and women's rhetoric. I am hoping to analyze the rhetoric of Ms. Chin-Fon Wang. Ms. Wang was the only female candidate in the first public presidential campaign in Taiwan, 1996. She is a lawyer specilized in international law suits. A Buddhist, Ms. Wang was the president of "Helping Women Foundation", a group entitled to help the abusived women. Ms. Wang had served in the Ministry of Investigation before she joined the campaign as the only female vice president candidate with Mr. Lui-An Chen, one of the president candidates. Ms. Wang has been a social activist in various kinds of activities and has been known to speak for the disadvantaged groups such as neglected children, abusived women, prostitutes and criminals.

Jeffrey Loew

I'm a second-year M.A. student in English. My main areas of interest are in the legal areas of intellectual property, technology, and telecommunications, interests largely discovered/developed in Andrea Lunsford's "Rhetoric of Intellectual Property" class last fall. I'll be leaving OSU for law school next fall, after I complete my M.A. I am also interested in the intersections between technology and culture. In this course I hope to explore ways in which the voices of women and other groups have been appropriated by those in power; I've not yet narrowed it down any more than that, although I am particularly interested in representations and appropriations of the rhetoric of African American women in the nineteenth century.

Kristin Risley

Tamara Stevens

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