Table of Contents for the graduate course Historics of Feminist Rhetorics and Writing Practices.

Professor Cheryl Glenn, Pennsylvania State University, Professor Andrea A. Lunsford, Ohio State University, and Professor Kathleen E. Welch, University of Oklahoma.

1. "Sappho," from the Encyclopedia of Rhetoric and Composition

2. Glerm, "Classical Rhetoric Conceptualized, or Vocal Men and Muted Women."

3. "Diotima," from the EncycloDedia of Rhetoric and Composition.

4. Welch, "Plato, Diotima, and Teaching Discourse."

5. Halperin, "Why Is Diotima a Woman?"

6. Glenn, "Mapping the Silences, or Remapping Rhetorical Territory."

7. Biesecker, "Coming to Terms with Recent Attempts to Write Women into the History of Rhetoric."

8. Campbell, "Biesecker Cannot Speak for Her Either."

9. Blair, "Contested Histories of Rhetoric: The Politics of Preservation, Progress, and Change."

10. Sutton, "The Taming of Polos/Polis: Rhetoric as an Achievement Without Women."

11. Corbett, "A Survey of Rhetoric."

12. "Plato," from the EncycloDedia of Rhetoric and Composition.

13. Welch, "Appropriating Competing Systems of Classical Greek Rhetoric."

14. Logan, "Introduction" and timeline.

15. Logan, "Black Women on the Speaker's Platform."

16. Logan, biographical sketch of Sojourner Truth.

17. Truth, "Address Delivered to the Women's Rights Convention" (two versions).

18. Truth, "Speech Delivered to the First Annual Meeting of the American Equal Rights Association."

19. Logan, "Out of Their Own Mouths."

20. Logan, "Ida B. Wells," biographical sketch and "Lynch Law in All Its Phases."
21. Laqueur, "Discovery of the Sexes."

22. Kates, "The Embodied Rhetoric of Hallie Quinn Brown."

23. Gere, "(Re)Calibrating Culture."

24. Gere and Robbins, "Gendered Literacy in Black and White."

25. Welch, "Classical rhetoric and Contemporary Rhetoric and Composition Studies."

26. Spender, "Women, Power, and Cyberspace."

27. Bauman, "Networked Hypertext."

28. Wambeam, "Spiderwoman Summit."

29. Ullman, "Come In, CQ."

30. Barsook, "Memoirs of a Token."

31. Krochmal, "Fighting the Copyright Wars With a 'Genius Grant' in Hand."

32. Benedek, "Steal This Program."

33. Carter, bibliography.

34. Turkel, "Who Am We?"

35. Ede, Glenn, Lunsford, "Border Crossings."

36. Penley and Ross, "Cyborgs at Large: Interview with Donna Haraway."

37. Moss, "Intersections of Race and Class in the Academy."

38. Ladson-Billings, "For colored girls who have considered suicide when the academy's not enough."