Welcome to Joshua Schank's website!

NWS Homepage for Kansas City, Missouri: NWS Kansas City, MO
I am from a small town called Dearborn, which is north of Kansas City, MO. This is the National Weather Service webpage I visit for all my weather info.

Joshua Schank's Weather Station on the website I built: Joshua's Website
For Christmas one year I got a Davis Weather Station which came with a simple website. My station shows real time weather conditions at my house.

Taken when I was seven, this photo shows the tornado that formed while my family was watching this impressive thunderstorm from our front porch. I believe this tornado was given a F-3 rating and only caused minor injuries as it stayed mostly in open fields. Watching this tornado form was the reason I became interested in meteorology.

This is the Tornado outlook from the Storm Prediction Center for May 29, 2004, the day I saw my first tornado (see the first image of the website). I find it amazing that forecasters are working around the clock to predict and track severe storm across the United States.

My school email: joshua.l.schank-1@ou.edu