Here's a llama:
a llama!
Someday, I'll find a recent photo of myself. This is not one of them.

Now graduated and gainfully employed.

Worked in the National Weather Center as a graduate student assistant for the NWC REU program during summer 2007.

M.S. in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma under Dr. Chilson. The research involved using a wind profiler (a vertically pointed Doppler radar) to retrieve information about raindrop size distributions.

B.S. in engineering from Harvey Mudd College, class of 2004.

Originally from Skokie, IL, a suburb of Chicago that is most widely known outside of Illinois for being mentioned in The Usual Suspects.

In the copious amounts of spare time in which every grad student is fortunate enough to wallow, I enjoy reading science fiction, folding origami models, bike riding, creating images with POV-Ray, drawing, contact juggling, and occasionally working on one of several personal projects.

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