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Climate Information on Actionable Timescales

About Us

We began in 2015 as a NOAA funded research project called The Subseasonal Experiment (SubX). Our intial project provided guidance to NOAA's week 3-4 temperature and precipitation outlooks from a large suite of global weather & climate models

In 2023 the project was re-organized into the Subseasonal Consortium, a group of academic, government, and non-profits with a collective goal of using forecast
information to improve global access to food, energy, water, and security in a changing climate

Today we provide global forecast information 2-4 weeks ahead
in support of actionable climate services for water and climate security, agriculture, and other sectors


Climate Information on Actionable Timescales

Most people are familar with daily weather forecats out to about 1-week

Many people are also familiar with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) climate projections for decades to centuires

However, many important decisions need to be made on timescales longer than 1-week and less than decades and centuries. This is where The Subseasonal Consortium can provide climate information on actionable timescales.

Our Products & Services

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Forecast Maps

Forecast maps of individual models and a multi-model ensemble

Forecast Data

Weekly forecast data files processed for easy use

Forecast Discussion

Text based information about the forecasts and science behind them

Model Evaluation

Evaluation of skill for various models and regions


Codes for working with our datasets

Education & Resources

Learn more about subseasonal prediction science

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