Data Information

The SubX re-forecast and real-time forecasts made to date are available from the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) Data Library, Columbia University. The library is regularly updated as additional data becomes available.

Getting the Data

The IRI Data Library is an OPenDAP Server. Therefore various languages and environments can be used to access the SubX data via OPenDAP. Once an OPenDAP connection has been established, the data are stored as netCDF.

Current Data Holdings (Last updated: June 20, 2018)


Model Ens Members (per day) Init Interval P1 P2 Climo Years Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
ECCC-GEM 4 7-days 1995-2014
EMC-GEFS 11 7-days 1999-2016
ESRL-FIM 4 7-days 1999-2016
GMAO-GEOS 4 5-days 1999-2015
NRL-NESM 1 4 inits every 7-days 1999-2016
RSMAS-CCSM4 3 7-days 1999-2016
NCEP-CFSv2 4* 1-days tas,pr 1999-2016

Note: *NCEP-CFSv2 hindcasts are initialized at 0,6,12, and 18Z. These four starting times are combined to make a 4-member ensemble.


Model Ens Members Day of Week Init P1 P2
ECCC-GEM 21 Thurs
GMAO-GEOS 4 Rotates
NRL-NESM 1 Sat,Sun,Mon,Tues

Requirements for Data Usage

In order to document SubX data impact and enable continuing support, users of SubX data are expected to acknowledge SubX data and the participating modeling groups. The SubX model output should be referred to as "the SubX data []" and referenced using the SubX DOI: 10.7916/D8PG249H

In publications, users should include a table (referred to below as Table XX) listing the models and institutions that provided model output used in the SubX system, as well as the digital object identifier of publications documenting the models. In addition, an acknowledgment similar to the following should be included in any publication:

“We acknowledge the agencies that support the SubX system, and we thank the climate modeling groups (Environment Canada, NASA, NOAA/NCEP, NRL and University of Miami) for producing and making available their model output. NOAA/MAPP, ONR, NASA, NOAA/NWS jointly provided coordinating support and led development of the SubX system.” where “Table XX” in the paper should list the models and modeling groups that provided the SubX data.

Besides the above acknowledgement, users should register any journal articles (or other scientific documents) that are based on SubX results. These terms of use will be published on the data dissemination site at the IRI.