Technical Details for Data Providers

Real-time Data Availability

  1. Each modeling group should provide to CPC a weekly schedule for both initialization AND delivery days and times. 'Delivery' is defined as the day-of-the-week and approximate time that real-time data is expected to be available on ftp.
  2. ftp site must contain only the current week's forecast initializations (Prior weeks forecasts need to be removed from the ftp site, so new forecasts can be easily collected.)

File Naming Conventions


Variable = use variable names specified in data document

Level = Numbers for hPa levels (200, 500, etc), and 2m for 2m temperature, 10m for 10m winds, toa for outgoing longwave radiation, and sfc for the remainder

MODEL = Model name in all caps. Modeling group specified (e.g. FIM).

Initialdate = ddmonyyyyy where dd is 2-digit day, mon is 3 character month abbreviation and yyyy is 4-digit year

zhour=hhz initial hour in UTC; where hh is 2 digit hour (e.g. 00z-09z; 10z-23z)

Lead 1= dxx where xx is two digit lead of first time record in days

Last lead = dyy where yy is lead of last time record in days

Member = mzz where zz is 2 digit ensemble member (e.g. m00-m09 and >=10 are 2-digit)

filetype = nc for netcdf or grb for grib

Example Filenames

Variable Filename
Precipitation rate (pr)
2m temperature (tas)
Geopotential height at 500hPa (zg)
Geopotential height at 200hPa (zg)
Zonal velocity (ua) at 850 hPa
Meridional velocity (va) at 850 hPa
Zonal velocity (ua) at 200 hPa
Meridional velocity (va) at 200 hPa
Surface temperature (SST+land) (ts)
Outgoing longwave radiation at top of atmosphere (rlut)