Update Interval

These maps are updated at :14, :29, :44, and :59 after each hour. The maps may be delayed by up to one minute depending on server load.

Current Data Sources

  • Standard FAA/NWS/DOD METAR
  • Oklahoma mesonet
  • Texas mesonet
  • Buoys
  • Gulf of Mexico SAWRS
  • Selected RAWS
  • Selected DOT
  • Selected APRS
  • Standard Mexico METAR

    See the sfstns.tbl file for details -- all entries following and including "MOBILE 64S BUOY" are my additions.

    Station plotting example

    Temperature °F   77 Wind  | direction
    027     Sea level pressure in 0.1 mb
               leading 9/1 omitted
    Visibility miles   4
    Weather symbol    R
    Sky   O coverage -21     3 hr pressure change in 0.1 mb
          L  3 hr pressure tendency
    Dewpoint °F      71 Wind -- speed (kts)
    39      Wind gust (kts)

    Mesoscale surface maps

    11x17 postscript plots of all available observations centered on Oklahoma.

    Synoptic scale surface maps

    8.5x11 postscript plots of observations covering all of the central US.

    Maintained by Kevin Scharfenberg. Last updated 5 June 2004.