Moderate Risk Storm Services was created in 1995 in response to increasing requests from major media (both print and electronic) for access to "real" storm chasers and/or professional and experienced accompanyment in observing and intercepting severe storms and tornadoes - sort of a "tornado charter service" if you will. Additional missions have been carried out for various research-oriented entities and local television weather services. Moderate Risk Storm Services is led by Matthew Biddle, a 10 year storm chase veteran with previous experience with VORTEX, "Twister" and numerous local TV affiliates and emergency management organizations. Biddle is joined by parter Mark Herndon (also of "Twister") and when needed on a per mission basis by other experienced storm chasers from the University of Oklahoma. Some missions are carried out in cooperation with other chase excursions such as Cloud 9 tours and The Tornado Project. Clients of Moderate Risk Storm Services are usually limited to media or commercial interests or subcontracted research projects rather than individuals seeking to go storm chasing. Such individuals are referred to others such as Cloud 9 Tours [405.447.3171] or Whirlwind Tours (both of Norman, OK) who specialize in such excursions.

Previous customers or associates of Moderate Risk include Warner Brothers (TWISTER) , CBS, KWTV - Oklahoma City , KRXO 107.7 - Oklahoma City , WIOT 104.7 - Toledo , CICO - Victoria, BC , KOCO - Oklahoma City , WFAA - Dallas, KXAS - Dallas/Fort Worth , WHNT - Huntsville , Gilco Publishing , Peregrine Productions, Pioneer Productions, Details Magazine (they suck by the way!), The Canadian Broadcasting Company ( BIGLIFE with Daniel Richler), The Toledo Blade, and Environmental Films .

Depending upon your storm chase mission needs (video, still photography, research or data collection), equipment and vehicles are leased on a per-job basis. Basic intercept and communications equipment are available onboard Moderate Risk's primary intercept vehicle. Additional or specialized equipment and personnel (including professional videographers) may be lined up as needed. Photography clients are encouraged however, to provide their own equipment or personnel. If you are curious about storm chasing I encourage you to check out Chuck Doswell's essay on Chase Safety , Al Moeller's essay on Chase Ethics , Mike Branick's Storm Chaser Glossary and the NWS' Official Storm Spotter Guide .

For information on booking Moderate Risk Storm Services for your mission or project, contact Matthew Biddle at:

Moderate Risk Storm Services

532 West Symmes Street

Norman, Oklahoma, USA 73069



You are encouraged to book your preferred dates prior to the onset of the storm season. Happy Hunting!