Greg Blumberg

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Now a Ph.D candidate at University of Oklahoma, Greg graduated with his B.S. and M.S. in meteorology from OU in 2011 and 2013. Greg uses sounding datasets from boundary-layer profilers and radiosondes to answer the question: “What new ways can we use soundings to better understand the environments that are conducive to thunderstorms?” Datasets he works with come from both operational data streams and field projects (e.g. PECAN, IHOP, and VORTEX-SE). Recently, he has been focusing on using high-temporal resolution convection indices derived from the AERI sounding instrument to improve our understanding of the atmospheric variability within convective environments and how that variability relates to thunderstorm evolution. Greg is an author of the internationally-used open-source sounding analysis program called SHARPpy. Outside of research, Greg actively mentors and teaches numerous high-school and college students from around the country who have an interest in meteorology.

Contact Information

Office: NWC 3230

Research Interests

  • soundings
  • convection
  • boundary-layer evolution
  • retievals
  • synoptic meteorology
  • education