Boundary-Layer, Urban Meteorology and Land-Surface Processes Seminar Series

OU BLISS sponsors seminars generally every other Friday from 2-3 pm in room 5600 of the National Weather Center. Members of BLISS, as well as outside guests, will speak on a variety of topics related to boundary layer research, including fieldwork, laboratory simulations, and more. All are welcome.

Oct 16 2015: 2:00 PM Room 5600

Dr. Jeremy Gibbs - CIMMS

Abstract coming soon ...

Other upcoming seminars:

10/30/15 - Ethan Cook - School of Meteorology

11/06/15 - Dr. Phillip Chilson - School of Meteorology & Atmospheric Radar Research Center

12/11/15 - Elizabeth Smith - School of Meteorology

Past Seminars

09/18/15 - Wiliam Anderson: Large-eddy simulation of rough wall turbulence: effects of complex topography, evidence of inner-outer effects, and the role of turbulence in aeolian systems

08/26/15 - Cedrick Ansorge: Conditional analyses of the very stable boundary layer

05/06/15 - Paul Flanagan: The Dryline, Convective Initiation, and Rapid Evolution of Drought in Oklahoma During 2011

05/01/15 - William (Greg) Blumberg: Ground-Based Infrared Thermodynamic Sounders: A Fresh Look at the Enivornments Supporting Deep Convection

04/24/15 - Ethan Cook: A very basic model for velocity statistics of an Ekman-like neutral turbulent layer

04/10/15 - Jinxin Wang: Urban heat island of Dallas Fort-Worth during July 2011 North-Central Texas drought: WRF-SLUCM model verification and sensitivity study of UHI’s dependence on land-use category.

03/14/15 - Larissa Reames: Boundary Layer and Urban Scheme Performance for a nested 500m WRF simulation

03/07/15 - Jennifer Newman: Optimizing Lidar Scanning Strategies for Wind Energy Turbulence Measurements

01/16/15 - Dr. Alan Shapiro: A Unified Theory for the Great Plains Nocturnal Low-Level Jet

12/12/14 - Chiel van Heerwaarden: A comparison of heterogeneously heated convective boundary layers with fixed flux and fixed temperature boundary conditions

11/21/14 - Cedrick Ansorge: Study of Stabily Stratified Bounday Layers using Turbulent Ekman Flow

10/31/14 - Tim Bonin: Thermal and Turbulence Characteristics of the Southern Great Plains Nocturnal Boundary Layer

10/24/14 - Mike Buban: The formation of small-scale atmospheric vortices via horizontal shearing instability

10/17/14 - Dr. Alan Shapiro: On the lower boundary condition for pressure in numerical simulations of boundary layer flows driven by surface buoyancy variations

09/26/14 - Dr. Jeremy Gibbs: Step Brothers 2: Revisiting Surface Heat-Flux and Temperature Boundary Conditions in Models of Stably Stratified Boundary-Layer Flows

04/25/14 - Stephen Castleberry: Evaluation of a Microwave Radiometer Thermodynamic Retrieval Algorithm

04/18/14 - Charlotte Wainwright: Sampling the boundary layer with a sodar simulator

04/11/14 - Jinxin Wang: Urban effects on precipitation: a literature review and climatology study for Dallas-Fort Worth

04/04/14 - Kerstin Schaefer: Validation of the mesoscale transport and fluid model METRAS for Berlin based on a measurement campaign in summer 2012

03/28/14 - Nathan Anderson: Vertical Velocity Turbulence Profiles Measured by Two Horizontally Separated Doppler Lidars

02/21/14 - Larissa Reames: The WRF-simulated effects of the Oklahoma City urban area on its environment on the dynamics of a simulated supercell thunderstorm

02/14/14 - Dr. Alan Shapiro: New similarity model solutions for boundary-layer flows

01/31/14 - Dr. Petra Klein: Scaling of Mean Flow and Turbulence in the Urban Canopy Layer

01/17/14 - Jennifer Newman: Optimizing Lidar Scanning Strategies for Turbulence Measurements