Boundary Layer Seminar Series

OU BLISS sponsors seminars generally every other Friday from 3-4 pm in room 5600 of the National Weather Center. Members of BLISS, as well as outside guests, will speak on a variety of topics related to boundary layer research, including fieldwork, laboratory simulations, and more. All are welcome.

Jing Liu : A Quantitative Analysis and Statistics of Land-atmosphere Interactions at Oklahoma Mesonet Sites during Drought Periods

Land-atmosphere interactions play an important role in influencing weather and climate on both local and regional scales. Quantifying the variability of evapotranspiration (ET), which is a critical link to land-atmosphere interactions, would contribute to a better understanding of drought development and alleviation during dry periods. This study estimated ET at Oklahoma Mesonet sites across Oklahoma from 2000 to 2013 by combining in situ data and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) values from MODIS sensors from Terra and Aqua satellites via the Mesonet Evapotranspiration Model (MEMo). Climatological analyses of ET as well as the anomaly analyses were conducted for each of the 9 climate divisions of Oklahoma and for the whole state at temporal periods spanning months, seasons and the annual cycle. Correlation and coupling strength are also analyzed between ET, soil moisture, vegetation, and atmospheric demand. Results and plots from the analysis demonstrated a 14-year climate of ET across Oklahoma and the statistical relationship between the key variables in the land-atmosphere interactions during drought periods in the studied years. Additionally, specific cases picked from this 14-year period were studied to have an insightful view of significant droughts and flash droughts.

Other upcoming seminars:

04/10/15 - Jinxin Wang: Title TBA

04/17/15 - Paul Flanagan: Title TBA

04/24/15 - Ethan Cook: Title TBA

05/01/15 - William (Greg) Blumberg: Title TBA

Past Seminars

03/14/15 - Larissa Reames: Boundary Layer and Urban Scheme Performance for a nested 500m WRF simulation

03/07/15 - Jennifer Newman: Optimizing Lidar Scanning Strategies for Wind Energy Turbulence Measurements

01/16/15 - Dr. Alan Shapiro: A Unified Theory for the Great Plains Nocturnal Low-Level Jet

12/12/14 - Chiel van Heerwaarden: A comparison of heterogeneously heated convective boundary layers with fixed flux and fixed temperature boundary conditions

11/21/14 - Cedrick Ansorge: Study of Stabily Stratified Bounday Layers using Turbulent Ekman Flow

10/31/14 - Tim Bonin: Thermal and Turbulence Characteristics of the Southern Great Plains Nocturnal Boundary Layer

10/24/14 - Mike Buban: The formation of small-scale atmospheric vortices via horizontal shearing instability

10/17/14 - Dr. Alan Shapiro: On the lower boundary condition for pressure in numerical simulations of boundary layer flows driven by surface buoyancy variations

09/26/14 - Dr. Jeremy Gibbs: Step Brothers 2: Revisiting Surface Heat-Flux and Temperature Boundary Conditions in Models of Stably Stratified Boundary-Layer Flows

04/25/14 - Stephen Castleberry: Evaluation of a Microwave Radiometer Thermodynamic Retrieval Algorithm

04/18/14 - Charlotte Wainwright: Sampling the boundary layer with a sodar simulator

04/11/14 - Jinxin Wang: Urban effects on precipitation: a literature review and climatology study for Dallas-Fort Worth

04/04/14 - Kerstin Schaefer: Validation of the mesoscale transport and fluid model METRAS for Berlin based on a measurement campaign in summer 2012

03/28/14 - Nathan Anderson: Vertical Velocity Turbulence Profiles Measured by Two Horizontally Separated Doppler Lidars

02/21/14 - Larissa Reames: The WRF-simulated effects of the Oklahoma City urban area on its environment on the dynamics of a simulated supercell thunderstorm

02/14/14 - Dr. Alan Shapiro: New similarity model solutions for boundary-layer flows

01/31/14 - Dr. Petra Klein: Scaling of Mean Flow and Turbulence in the Urban Canopy Layer

01/17/14 - Jennifer Newman: Optimizing Lidar Scanning Strategies for Turbulence Measurements