Local Faces and Local Places

Over the past few days Josh and I have gotten to take in some local sights and mingle with some of the lovely people residing in Alvaiade (where we are living) and Vale do Cobrao (where we are working). Friday, we launched the noon weather balloon, then headed over to Foz do Cobrao to find […]

Sights and Science

Over the past few days Josh and I have been struggling to come back to a normal sleep schedule after our overnight operations Monday night. This has made for a few lethargic days here at the Holiday House! But now I have the energy to share some stories of our most recent days in Portugal. […]


Today into tonight, we are participating in the first Supersonde intensive operation period or IOP. This means Josh and I are releasing extra sondes such that we have launches every 3 hours instead of every six as in normal operations. Here’s a look at the 15Z sonde at 3:15pm local time. We’ll be launching balloons […]

The Revenge of the Rain

Finally, after what seems like an eternity of rain (it was really only 4 days), the clouds broke apart yesterday. As you could perhaps infer from my last blog about the puzzle, Josh and I were starting to get a little stir crazy. So yesterday, once the daily meeting was over we made a trip […]

The Perdigao Spirit

In my third reminiscing post I want to focus on the people of the Perdigao project team and Vale de Cobroa village, where our site is located. Spending time with these people has been very enjoyable and rewarding. The team spirit among all the project participants has allowed us to get all key instruments up and […]


Here is my second blog, reflecting back on my first three weeks in Portugal. These weeks were quite busy and the focus of our efforts was clearly on getting miniCLAMPS up and running at the lower Orange Site. Most days we were busy from early in the morning until late in the evening, often catching up […]


I have now been back to Norman for a few days and had some time to reflect on my first three weeks in Portugal. There are a number of reasons for why these three weeks are very memorable and I will try to reflect on these wonderful memories in a few blogs. My first post […]

Rainy day distractions

Today it rained, and it rained a lot. Our instruments and the miniCLAMPS trailer all decided to behave today, too. On top of this, neither I nor Josh were signed up for a balloon launch today. So a day off, but nothing to do with the rain. Our day started slowly. We ate a leisurely breakfast […]

Portugese Students Visit miniCLAMPS

Yesterday, 45 mechanical engineering students from the Universidade do Porto visited the Perdigao campaign area to learn more about the science goals we are working toward.  The students toured many of the instrument sites and watched a radiosonde release. Pictured here are the students learning about how the CLAMPS system operates from Liz and Josh. […]

We’re in Portugal, not Italy!

We’ve been pretty busy working out some little bugs with our system, so I haven’t had much fun stuff to share over the last week. Josh arrived safe and sound in Lisbon yesterday, and I bid farewell to Matt and Petra as they travelled  back to Norman. Now Josh and I have full reign over […]