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Welcome to my homepage - this was designed originally as a place to store my synoptic meteorology assignments. There are still a few assignments that can be found at the METR 2413 link below - however I am in the process of turning this into a page about myself. Also, since I finally moved into a high-tech age, I now have a camera and am able to post some actual pictures. I have posted some info regarding two of my most successful storm chases to date. April 7, 2002 (Throckmorton, TX) and May 4, 2003 (Pierce City, MO) are also classics, but May 8, 2003 and May 29, 2004 are probably my two favorite chases so far. While there is not too much here at the moment, I will constantly try to update. Thanks.
							-Pete Johnson

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METR 4424 Assignments
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