The Joint US-Korea Workshop on Storm- and Mesoscale Analysis and Prediction

5-8 February 1996
Norman, Oklahoma, USA

by David E. Jahn
Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms (CAPS)
University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK 73019, USA

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During the first week of February this year, CAPS joined with Weather Information Technologies, Inc. (WITI) of Boulder, the Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS) and the University of Oklahoma to host an international meteorological workshop in Norman. The purpose of this four-day event was to bring together scientists from Korea and the US in order to discuss and share techniques used in the observation, analysis, and prediction of storm- and mesoscale weather phenomena. Altogether 40 scientists participated in the workshop. This number included 11 scientists from 7 different Korean universities and the Korean Meteorological Administration. Besides CAPS, CIMMS, and WITI, participants from other US groups were represented including the member organizations of the Oklahoma Weather Center, Florida State University, and personnel from the Air Weather Service stationed in Korea.

This joint workshop served as an excellent means of initiating international cooperation with a country which has many of the same technical concerns as our own. For example, Korea has available reflectivity data from the operation of several Doppler radars which cover the South Korean peninsula, a network comparable in density coverage to that in the US. Two additional radars which provide wind velocity data have also been installed in Korea by the US Air Force. Also, the Korean Meteorological Administration maintains a high density network of automatic surface observation stations which is very similar to the Mesonet, supported by the Oklahoma Climate Survey.

The fact that both countries have similar research concerns first came to light during the visit of two CAPS scientists to several Korean research centers in the spring of 1995. Soon afterwards, the idea of a joint workshop was proposed and mutually supported in both countries. CAPS participated as the main organizer of the event and communicated often with Prof. Dong-Kyou Lee of Seoul national University, who served as the main Korean liaison. Together, a workshop agenda was orchestrated which considered the interests of all participants. The topics of the various sessions included the facilities and observation systems available in both countries, technology for data collection and analysis, data assimilation and Doppler data retrieval techniques, numerical weather prediction including the discussion of specific simulation studies, sensitivity studies, model validation, and mesoscale analysis and forecasting decision tools. The workshop also featured a tour of the WSR-88D Operation Support Facility and the local Forecast Office of the National Weather Surface.

The expressed consensus of all delegates was that the workshop was quite worthwhile. Overall, it gave a good picture of the kind of research currently underway in both countries and thus allowed for a platform from which to begin structuring specific collaborative efforts. Consequently, during the plenary session of the last day there was considerable support for continued cooperation, and it was thus decided that another workshop would be very beneficial. This second joint meeting is tentatively set for Seoul in August of 1997.

Represented Korean Institutions

KMA	Korea Meteorological Administration
K-JIST	Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology
KNU	Kyungpook National University
NFUP	National Fisheries University of Pusan (now Pukyung University)
SNU	Seoul National University
YU	Yonsei University

Represented U.S. Institutions

AWS	US Air Weather Service, Korea
CAPS	Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms
CCG	Center for Computational Geosciences
CIMMS	Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies
FSU	Florida State University
NSSL	National Severe Storms Laboratory
NWSFO	National Weather Service Forecast Office
OCS	Oklahoma Climatological Survey
OSF	WSR-88D Operational Support Facility
OU	University of Oklahoma
SPC	Storm Prediction Center
WITI	Weather Information Technologies, Inc.

Collaborators at the US-Korean Workshop. First row: Mr. Chun-Woo Lee (KMA), Prof. Kyung-Eak Kim (KNU), Mr. Bruce Donaldson (WITI), Prof. Hye-Yeong Chun (YU). Second Row: Prof. Tae-Young Lee (YU), Prof. Gyu-Ho Lim (SNU), Prof. Dong-Kyou Lee (SNU), Dr. Seon Ki Park (CAPS). Third Row: Dr. Kyung-Sup Shin (KMA), Dr. Alan Shapiro (CAPS), Dr. David Jahn (CAPS), Dr. Jae-Ho Oh (KMA). Fourth Row: Prof. Hi-Ryong Byun (NFUP), Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier (CAPS), Mr. Hee-Sang Lee (FSU), Prof. Jong-Jin Bai (K-JIST). In back: Capt. David Martens (AWS).

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