What is AMON? The Asian Meteorology Online Newsletter, AMON, is a Web-based international online newsletter. The purpose of AMON is to deliver meteoroloy related news in Asia to other meteorological communites around the world and to promote collaborations among meteorologists/atmospheric scientists in Asian countries. It carries general meteorological news, reports and notices of conferences/ workshops, discussions on special topics, and articles/reports. The potential readers of AMON might be professional meteorologists/atmospheric scientists, amateur weather enthusiasts, oceanographers and hydrologists around the world, especially those who have great interest in meteorology related activity in Asia. All readers are welcome to contribute to AMON with any kind of subjects, if related to Asian meteorology. The URL address of the AMON is: http://rossby.metr.ou.edu/~spark/AMON/. Those who are not accessible to the WWW homepage of AMON but still want to receive this newsletter through e-mail should contact the editor at: skpark@ou.edu (Seon Ki Park).