Editor's Note: Although the changes in ETA model of NCEP (USA) may not be directly related to the Asian meteorology, some meteorologists, especially in the NWP groups of the meteorological services in Asian countries, showed great interests on this news. So the editor decided to put it in this issue.

Changes to the Operational Early and Meso ETA Models

[From National Technical Information Message (NTIM) 97-10]
National Weather Service Headquarters, Washington DC
Feb. 18 1997

At 1200 UTC 18 Feb. 1997 a series of changes to the operational early (48KM/38LEV) and meso (29KM/50LEV) ETA models were implemented. A brief description of each change follows:



These additional fields will be accessible via anonymous FTP on the NIC server (NIC.FB4.NOAA.GOV or The content and timeliness of the current ETA model products on the OSO server remains unchanged. The additional grids described above will be available on the OSO server in the near future.

A previously advertised change of GRIB file identifiers for ETA boundary layer fields (GRIB PDS OCTETS 9-12) is not part of this implementation due to delays in users software conversion. These changes will occur at a later date.

Above changes based on data provided by Eric Rogers at Environmental Modeling Center - NCEP. For specific questions - contact him at (301) 763-8161 FAX (301) 763-8545 - also at E-mail address - eric.roger@noaa.gov.