Asian Meteorology Online Newsletter

VOL. 3, NO. 2 (June 1999)

Letters to the Editor

  1. New Studies on Mechanisms of Mesoscale Convective Systems in Japan


  1. Asia Pacific Disaster Management Centre (APDMC) Established
  2. NOAA Plans Continuing Collaboration with China
  3. Russia and Japan Developing Satellites for Early Warning of Quakes and Flares
  4. Earth's Future is Looking Hotter, Less Stable
  5. The Role of Science on Oklahoma Tornado
  6. Insurers' Risk Slight from Global Warming
  7. On Disasters
  8. Cyclones...


  1. Chinese Floods: A Natural or a Man-made Disaster? by Michael Glantz
  2. Scientific Attitude on Understanding Disappearance of Rainbow by Daewon Byun and Seon Ki Park

Conference/Workshop Report

  1. A La Nina Summit: Review of the Causes and Consequences of Cold Events - Executive Summary, 15-17 July, 1998, Boulder, Colorado, USA, by Michael H. Glantz


  1. Features of the Long-Lived Heavy Storm Observed in Northern Kyushu, Japan by K. Nishiyama, K. Wakimizu, K. Jinno, and Y. Suzuki
  2. Studies on structure and formation/development Mechanisms of Mesoscale Convective Systems by Masanori Yoshizaki

Conference/Workshop Fair

  1. 17th Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting, 13-17 September 1999, Denver, Colorado, USA
  2. 13th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction, 13-17 September 1999, Denver, Colorado, USA
  3. 8th Conference on Climate Variations, 13-17 September 1999, Denver, Colorado, USA
  4. International Workshop on The Ocean Observing System for Climate, 18-22 October 1999, St. Raphael, France
  5. 24th Annual Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop, 1-5 November 1999, Tucson, Arizona, USA
  6. 3rd Conference on Coastal Atmospheric and Oceanographic Prediction and Processes, 3-5 November 1999, New Orleans, LA, USA
  7. 6th International Conference on Estuarine and Coastal Modeling, 3-5 November 1999, New Orleans, LA, USA
  8. 15th International Congress of Biometeorology & International Conference on Urban Climatology, 8 - 12 November 1999, Sydney, Australia
  9. 80th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, 9-14 January 2000, Long Beach, CA, USA

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