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Me on the lovely campus
 of UC-Santa Barbara
Not the best pic of me, but it's all I have right now...would you like to see a dorkier picture?

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John Joseph Harris

Graduate Research Assistant
School of Meteorology
University of Oklahoma

National Severe Storms Laboratory
1313 Halley Circle
Norman OK 73069

Office Ph: (405) 366-0430
Home Ph: (405) 364-8741

This is the page of the one, the only, the Original, John J. Harris. Spring Break 2000 pictures are here! Finally! Woo-hoo!

Coming Soon: Research, Links, SBY2K pics, Advanced Political Theory, and perhaps some Barcelona pics... Any comments, questions, suggestions, or hate mail? Email me.

Wondering what scientists might have to say about Bush's Energy Policy?

Greetings from Norman, Oklahoma! I am a Graduate Student here in the School of Meteorology at the University of Oklahoma. I'm here to attempt a Master of Science degree in Meteorology (read: I didn't quite feel like dealing with the real world quite yet...maybe in a few years. Maybe.)

I am currently a research assistant, working with Dr. Don MacGorman and Dr. Dave Rust of the National Severe Storms Laboratory using radar and 3-D Lightning Mapping Array data from the STEPS project in 2000. I'll have a page up for that soon...

For the Fall 2000 Semester, I was a teaching assistant in Jeff Basara's METR 1014 class. I taught the Tuesday and Thursday labs...if you were in one of these, and desparately want to relive the old times, head on over to my old lab web page!

Would you like to know a little more about me? Needs to be updated...