SubX is now

The Subseasonal Consortium

Providing Climate Information on Actionable Timescales

About Us

We began in 2015 as a NOAA funded research project called The Subseasonal Experiment (SubX). Our intial project provided guidance to NOAA's week 3-4 temperature and precipitation outlooks from a large suite of global weather & climate models

In 2023 the project was re-organized into the Subseasonal Consortium, a group of academic, government, and non-profits with a collective goal of using subseasonal forecast information to improve global access to food, energy, water, and security in a changing climate

Today we provide global forecast information 2-4 weeks ahead
in support of actionable & equitable climate services


Climate Information on Actionable Timescales

Most people are familar with daily weather forecats out to about 1-week

Many people are also familiar with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) climate projections for decades to centuries

Most decisions need to be made on timescales longer than 1-week and less than decades and centuries.

The Subseasonal Consortium provides climate information on weekly timescales giving users information about near-term climate change impacts.

Our Products & Services

Forecast Maps

Forecast maps of individual models and the SubC multi-model ensemble

Static Forecast Maps

Interactive Forecast Maps

Forecast Data

Weekly forecast data files processed to netCDF files

Model Evaluation

COMING SOON: Evaluation of skill for various models and regions


Codes for working with our datasets

Education & Resources

COMING SOON: Learn more about subseasonal prediction science


  • Kathy Pegion, University of Oklahoma
  • Ben Kirtman, University of Miami
  • Andy Robertson, IRI/Columbia University
  • Emily Becker, University of Miami
  • Yaga Richter, NCAR
  • Kate Brauman, University of Alabama/GWSC
  • Andrea Molod, NASA/GMAO
  • Shan Sun, NOAA/ESRL