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Eric M. Nguyen
Meteorology (Atmospheric Physics)
University of Oklahoma

Meteorology Graduate
University of Oklahoma
School of Meteorology
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Biographical:  I have been interested in meteorology and other sciences since I was very young.   I currently spend the months of May & June every year observing severe weather in the plains.  I moved to Norman, Oklahoma to attend the University of Oklahoma in pursuit of an undergraduate degree in meteorology.  I have an interest in atmospheric instrumentation and remote sensing, both on their construction and applications.  I'm also interested in using the many tools here at OU to compile various forms of data into online maps or images.


Recommended Books:  There are several books that professors in the department recommend.  I suggest everyone in meteorology to purchase them as well.  Last updated on September 18, 2004.
-  Synoptic-Dynamic Meteorology in Midlatitudes: Volume I, H. Bluestein
-  Synoptic-Dynamic Meteorology in Midlatitudes: Volume II, H. Bluestein
-  Cloud Dynamics (International Geophysics), R. Houze
-  An Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology, J. Holton
-  Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology, Panofsky
-  Introduction to Theoretical Meteorology, Hess
-  A First Course in Fluid Dynamics, Paterson
-  Atmospheric Convection, K. Emanuel
-  Fluid Mechanics, Kundu & Cohen
-  Weather Analysis, D. Djuric
-  Mesoscale Meteorology and Forecasting, Ray
-  Severe Convective Storms, Doswell
-  The Life Cycles of Extratropical Cyclones, M. Shaprio & S. Gronas
-  Atmospheric Science: An Introductory Survey, Wallace & Hobbs
-  Elements of Newtonian Mechanics, Knudsen & Hjorth
-  Principles of Meteorological Analysis, Walter Saucier
-  The Electrical Nature of Storms, MacGorman & Rust
-  An Introduction to Atmospheric Physics, D. Andrews
-  Atmospheric Thermodynamics, Bohren & Albrecht
-  A Short Course in Cloud Physics, R. Rogers
-  Instrument Techniques for Thunderstorm Observation and analysis, Kessler
-  Meteorological Instrumentation and Measurements, DeFelice
-  Meteorological Measurement Systems, Brock & Richardson
-  Radar and Atmos. Sci.: Collection essays.., Wakimoto & Srivastava (2003)
-  Doppler Radar and Weather Observations, Doviak & Zrnic (1984)
-  Introduction to Radar Systems, Skolnik (1962)
-  Radar Observations of the Atmosphere, Louis Battan (1973)
-  Radar for Meteorologists, Rinehart (2004)
-  Intro to Partial Differential Equations with Applications, Zachmanoglou
-  A First Course in Partial Differential Equations, Weinberger
-  Introduction to PDEs and Waves of the Atmosphere and Ocean, Majda


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Conference Papers:
Richard Ferrare, Edward Browell, Syed Ismail, Susan Kooi, Vince Brackett, Hank Revercomb, Bob Knuteson, Paolo Antonelli, Noah Misch, Jonathan Gleason, Eric  Nguyen, Scott Currens, 2004:  Airborne Lidar Measurements of Water Vapor and Aerosol Fields Over The Southern Great Plains During IHOP Field Experiment. 22nd International Laser Radar Conference, Metera, Italy.
Victoria Sankovich, G. Shaw, J. Gleason, S. Newsome, E. Nguyen, R. A. Ferrare, E. V. Browell, S. Ismail, S. Kooi, V. G. Brackett, H. Revercomb, B. Knuteson, and P. Antonelli, 2004:  Characterization and Visualization of Water Vapor and Atmospheric Stability During the IHOP Field Experiment.  2nd Symposium on Lidar Atmospheric Applications, San Diego, CA.

Scott F. Blair and Eric M. Nguyen, 2005:  An Examination of the 12 June 2004 Mulvane, Kansas Tornado.  4th Southeast Severe Storms Symposium, Starkville, Mississippi.