Petra M. Klein

Dr. Kastner-Klein in her office
 Assistant Professor

Street canyon vortex  EMAIL:
  PHONE: (405) 325-1631
  FAX: (405) 325-7689
  School of Meteorology
  University of Oklahoma
  100 E. Boyd St., SEC 1354
  Norman, OK 73019


Education Diploma, Physics, University of Karlsruhe, Germany, 1993
Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Karlsruhe, Germany, 1999
Curriculum Vitae Full CV (Including List of Publications)

2 page CV

Research Interests Urban Meteorology

Modification of atmospheric boundary layer structure in urban areas
Modeling and experimental investigation of micro-scale flow and dispersion processes

Air Pollution Studies

Dispersion of traffic emissions
Long-range transport of Ozone and its precursor pollutants
Evaluation of dispersion models

Wind-tunnel modeling of atmospheric flows

Modeling of neutral and thermally stratified boundary layers
Wind loads, wind comfort and dispersion in built-up areas

Professional Service Member of the AMS Board on the Urban Environment

Reviewer for Atmospheric Environment , Boundary Layer Meteorology, Applied Meteorology 

Courses Taught

METR 4803/5803 Micrometeorology

METR 4653/5653 Air Pollution Meteorology and Modeling

METR 3613 Meteorological Measurement Systems

METR 1004 Introduction to Meteorology

ES 5943  Air Quality Management

CE 5923  Air Pollution Control Engineering

Reviewed Publications

N. Kljun, P. Kastner-Klein, E. Fedorovich, M.R. Rotach, 2004. Evaluation of Lagrangian footprint model using data from wind tunnel convective boundary layer. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 127, 189-201.

P. Kastner-Klein, R. Berkowicz, R. Britter, 2004. The influence of street architecture on flow and dispersion in street canyons. Accepted in Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, 87, 121-131.

P. Kastner-Klein, M. W. Rotach, 2004. Mean flow and turbulence characteristics in an urban roughness sublayer. Boundary Layer Meteorology, 111, 55-84.

S. Di Sabatino, P. Kastner-Klein, R. Berkowicz, R. Britter, E. Fedorovich . The modeling of turbulence from traffic in urban dispersion models – Part I: Theoretical considerations. Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 129-143, 2003.

P. Kastner-Klein, M. Ketzel, R. Berkowicz, E. Fedorovich, R. Britter. The modelling of turbulence from traffic in urban dispersion models – Part II: Evaluation against laboratory and full-scale concentration measurements in street canyons. Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 145-172, 2003.

P. Kastner-Klein, E. Fedorovich. Diffusion from a line source deployed in a homogeneous roughness layer: interpretation of wind tunnel measurements by means of simple mathematical models. Atmospheric Environment, 36, 3709-3718, 2002.

P. Kastner-Klein, E. Fedorovich, M. W. Rotach. A wind tunnel study of organised and turbulent air motions in urban street canyons. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics. 89: 849-861, 2001

P. Kastner-Klein, E. Fedorovich, J.-F. Sini, P.G. Mestayer. Experimental and numerical verification of similarity concept for diffusion of car exhaust gases in urban street canyons. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 65: 353-361, 2000

P. Kastner-Klein, R. Berkowicz, E.J. Plate. Modelling of vehicle induced turbulence in air pollution studies for streets. Int J. Environment and Pollution. 14: 496-507, 2000

P. Kastner-Klein, E.J. Plate. Wind-tunnel study of concentration fields in street canyons. Atmospheric Environment. 33: 3973-3979, 1999

P. Kastner-Klein, E. Fedorovich, E. J. Plate. Gaseous pollutant dispersion around urban-canopy elements: wind tunnel case studies. Int. J. Environment and Pollution. 8: 727-737, 1997

B. Leitl, P. Kastner-Klein, M. Rau, R.N. Meroney. Concentration and flow distributions in the vicinity of U-shaped buildings: Wind tunnel and computational data. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics. 67-68: 745-755, 1997

W. Bächlin, P. Klein. Diffusion problems near tunnel portals in built-up areas. The Science of the Total Environment. 146/147: 377-385, 1994

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