Documentation of

building structure

in downtown Oklahoma City

Dr. Petra Kastner-Klein


School of Meteorology, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

phone: (405) 325 1631



Map of downtown OKC (includes names of buildings):

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see also:

Documentation of Laser-Range-Finder Measurements


Presently the full size pictures are not available, but the picture thumbnails can be seen!

Photos taken from the crossing Park Avenue - Robinson Street

Photos taken from the crossing Park Avenue - Broadway Avenue

Panorama around Santa Fe/Bank One Plaza

Photos taken from top of the Santa Fe Plaza Parking Garage

Photos taken along Sheridan Avenue near Cox Convention Center

Photos taken along Robinson Street between Sheridan and Park Avenue

Photos taken on the roof of 100 Park Avenue

Photos taken on the roof/balconies/annex of City Place

Photos taken on the roof of the annex of the 1 Nat. Center

Photos of the south side of the Cox Convention Center and new Ford Arena

Photos of Myriad Botanical Gardens

Photos taken at Sheridan Ave. between Ronal Norick Boulevard and Hudson Ave.

Photos taken at Galleria Parking Garage

Photos of Skybridges near Corporate Tower

Views of building facades along Robinson Avenue

Images of Kerr-Mc Gee Center and Kerr Park

Photos taken along Dean A. Mc Gee Avenue

Photos taken along Harvey Avenue

Photos of the new Arts Museum

Photos of the Stage Center


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