Asian Meteorology Online Newsletter

VOL. 1, NO. 2 (April 1997)


  1. Changes in the ETA Models
  2. ASEAN Specialised Meteorological Centre (ASMC)
  3. Debut of InterMet (International Meteorology Magazine)
  4. International Talk on Greenhouse Gases
  5. The World's Water: Is there Enough? - The World Day for Water '97 (22 March)
  6. Weather and Water in Cities - World Meteorological Day '97 (23 March)
  7. Weather Changes and El Niño
  8. Development vs. Environment in Asia - OPINION

Conference/Workshop Report

  1. International Workshop on the Climate System of Monsoon Asia edited by Nobuo Yamazaki
  2. Fifth Meeting of the Tropical Atmosphere Ocean (TAO) Array Implementation Panel: 18-21 November 1996, Goa, India
  3. Annual UGAMP (UK Universities Global Atmospheric Modelling Program) Conference: 10-12 July 1996, London, UK - Abstracts



  1. Planned Field Experiments in Asia by Takayuki Matsumura
  2. Influences of Sea Surface Temperature and Land Surface Process on the Interannual Variability of Asian Summer Monsoon by Song Yang and K.-M. Lau
  3. Climatology and Interannual Variability of the Southeast Asian Summer Monsoon by K.-M. Lau and Song Yang

Conference/Workshop Fair

  1. WMO Supported Meetings in 1997
  2. International Conference on High-Performance Computing in Asia-Pacific Region: April 28 - May 2, 1997, Seoul, Korea
  3. IGAC Conference on Global Measurements of Atmospheric Chemistry: May 20-22, 1997, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  4. International Multidisciplinary Symposium on CHANGING WATER REGIMES IN DRYLANDS: June 9 - 13, 1997, Lake Tahoe, California, USA
  5. 1997 Joint Assemblies of the International Association for Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences & International Association for Physical Sciences of the Ocean: 1 - 7 July 1997, Melbourne, Australia
  6. Antarctica and Global Change: Interactions and Impacts: July 13-18, 1997, Hobart, Tasmania,Australia
  7. International Symposium on EMERGING TRENDS IN HYDROLOGY: September 25-27, 1997, Roorkee, India

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