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METR/ECE6613 Weather Radar Polarimetry

Prerequisite: graduate standing and permission of instructor. Provides fundamentals and principles of weather radar polarimetry through understanding wave scattering and propogation in geophysical media subject to turbulent mixing and filled with hydrometers and other objects. The relations between polarimetric radar observables and physical parameters will be established. The methods and algorithms for retrieving cloud and precipitation microphysics for weather quantification and forecast will be introduced.

METR3223 Physical Meteorology II: Cloud Physics, Atmospheric Electricity and Optics

Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in 3113, 3213, Mathematics 3113 or 3413. Cloud and precipitation processes including the role of aerosols in cloud droplet and ice nucleation, growth of cloud particles into rain, snow, and hail by diffusion, coalescence, and cloud aggregation; the Clausius-Clapeyron equation; application of cloud physics in cloud electrification and optical phenomena in the atmosphere; concepts of weather radar.

METR5233 Cloud and Precipitation Physics

Prerequisite: 3223, Mathematics 3113. Development of thermodynamical relationships and generalized Clausius-Clapeyron equation, phase diagrams, atmospheric aerosols, review of hydrodynamics of flow past particles, collision and coalescence efficiency, theory of nucleation, precipitation growth, observations with radar, electrical state of the atmosphere.

METR6803/ECE6973 Wave Interactions with Geophysical Media