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I am currently advising seven Doctoral students. Their projects are listed below.

PhD in progress

Petar Bukovcic (adv), 2010 – present

Vivek Mahale (adv), 2012 – present

Bryan Putnam (co-adv), 2012 – present

Mirhamed Mirmozafari (adv), 2014 – present

M. Golbonhaghighi (adv), 2015 – present

Hadi Saeidimanesh (adv), 2015 – present

Peter McAward (co-adv), 2015 –present

Postdoctoral Fellow

Hongyu Liang (adv), 2013 – 2014

Lesya Borowska (adv), 2013 – present

Shaya Krimakashi (adv), 2010 – 2013

Qing Cao (co-ad), 2010 – 2012

Michihiro Teshiba (co-adv), 2005 – 2008

M.S. Completed

Thomas Grabow (adv), 2015
-Characterization of Polarimetric Phased Array Antenna

Wascar Bocangel (co-adv), 2013
-Calibration Of A Polarimetric Phased Array Radar Testbed

Berry Wen (co-adv), 2012
-Incorporating NASA space-borne precipitation research products into NOAA National Mosaic QPE system for improved precipitation measurement

Bryan Putnam (co-adv), 2011
-Retrieving Precipitation Microphysical State of Convective Storms Using Radar Data and the Ensemble Kalman Filter

Petar Bukovcic (co-adv), 2009
-A Study of Precipitation Microphysics Using Polarimetric Radar measurements

Charlotte E. Wainwright (co-adv), 2009
-Impact of Diagnostic Drop Size Distribution Parameter Relation on Convective Storm Forecasts

Yinguang Li (co-adv), 2009
-Crossbeam Wind Measurements Using the Sum and Difference Signals from the NWRT

Lei Lei (co-adv), 2009
-Simulations and Processing of Polarimetric Radar Signals Based on Numerical Weather Prediction Model Output

Sean P. Luchs (co-adv), 2009
-A Study of Winter Precipitation Microphysics Based on Video Disdrometer and Polarimetric Radar Observations in Central Oklahoma

Fazhong Huang (adv), 1992
-Beam Wave Propagation in Composite Random Media

Wen Zeng (co-adv), 1990
-A Study of Wave Characteristics in a Random Medium with Pair-Correlation

Huigen Yang (co-adv), 1989
-The 2nd moment of Waves in Composite Random Medium

Rentao Zhang (co-adv), 1989
-Effects of Coherent and Incoherent Scattering by a Layer of Ice Crystals on Attenuation and De-polarization

PHD Completed

Yixin (berry) Wen (co-adv), 2015
-Combining Space-borne and Ground-based Radar Observations for Improved Quantitative Precipitation Estimation

Lei Lei (adv), 2014
-Theoretical Analysis of and Bias Correction for Planar and Cylindrical Polarimetric Phased Array Weather Radar

Yinguang Li (adv), 2013
-Bayesian Approaches to Detect and Mitigate Ground Clutter Mixed with Weather Radar Signals

Qing Cao (adv), 2009
-Observational Study of Rain Microphysics and Rain Retrieval Using Polarimetric Radar Data

Youngsun Jung (co-adv), 2008
-State and Parameter Estimation Using Polarimetric Radar Data and an Ensemble Kalman Filter