The Tim Dwight Fan Page

I'm back! I apologize for the extended dilapidation of this page, but it's back up now, and I will be updating it over the next few weeks, so please bear with me!

Welcome to my Tim Dwight Fan Page! Before we get to the good stuff, I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up in Iowa City, Iowa, and now I'm a graduate student at the University of Oklahoma (click here to go to my homepage). I went to high school with Tim (one year behind him), and had a great time watching him play high school football for the Little Hawks. He was a running back at the time, and an unbelievable one at that. I've never seen an athlete who was more fun to watch than Mr. Dwight, and my friends and I have followed him (as have many people) through his college career and into the NFL. So, I've finally decided to put a little place on the internet for Tim Dwight, even though he deserves a lot more than what I can do here.

For now, this page is split into several sections. Follow the appropriate link below to go to whichever section you want.

If you have any questions, comments, or corrections, please e-mail me at {}.

News Page (updated 9-23-01) - Recent news concerning Tim Dwight.

Bio Page - My own highly unofficial biography of Tim Dwight, it's actually more of a career overview.
Pics Page - Some pictures gathered from around the internet.
Movies Page - This page is temporarily empty, but I am in the process of acquiring and posting some movie files.
Stats Page - Tim Dwight's stats from high school, college, and the NFL, compiled by myself from various sources.
Links Page - Some links of interest: Dwight links, Hawkeye links, Falcons links, etc.