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We purchased our first house in the summer of 2008 outside of Asheville, North Carolina. Our daughter Kathleen was born a few months later, in the fall of 2008. You can see updated pictures and videos at her website. I am no longer working directly for the National Climatic Data Center in order to focus on my collaborative OU-NCDC dissertation project of a climatological study of heavy U.S. rainfall events.

Asheville, NC: NCDC (the National Climatic Data Center) is shown on the far right side of this image.
Image ©2007 Christopher Godfrey

Kathleen Godfrey We welcomed Kathleen Godfrey into the world in the fall of 2008. She is a precious baby and a real gift from God. We are so thrilled to have her! Katie has many pictures and videos online at her web page and on my Facebook album. Katie is growing and changing every day, so please visit her web site for the latest on her development.

PhD Research In 2007 I changed research topics to better suit my interests and new affiliation with NCDC. My new topic involves the development of a dynamic and synoptic climatology of heavy rainfall events in the eastern U.S. from 1950-2007. You can still view some of my old conference preprints and other publications from my work with the CASA project on the research link at left.

Web Site Updates In 2007, I updated my photographs page and added several new pages: family, friends, Thanksgiving 2005, and 29 May 2004 chase. If you have a Facebook account, I have placed more recent photos online there, such as photos of Katie, our family vacations, and my trip to Hawaii in March 2008.

On the left is a new link to the "GoodSearch" search engine, which will donate money to the charity of your choice every time you do a search. Please consider using this engine to raise support for IDES--International Disaster Emergency Services, which sends help and support all over the globe (including the U.S.) whenever a disaster strikes.

Other interests I have been quite busy recently with our move to a new house in North Carolina, having a baby, and maintaining my PhD research, so I haven't had much time lately for my crafty hobbies. However, I still hope to set aside a little time to enjoy some of my crafting-related hobbies, namely rubber stamping, crocheting and scrapbooking, and put some more photos online once things settle down a bit.

Rubber stamping is a fun hobby, especially because you get to share the results with others in order to bring them some love, joy, and/or encouragement. To see some examples of others' stamping and some stamping-related websites, visit my "Favorite Links" page at the top.

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