METR 4424: Synoptic Meteorology Laboratory (Autumn 2012)

Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in Meteorology 3123 (Atmospheric Dynamics II), 3223 (Physical Meteorology II)
Corequisite: None
Description: This course is a lecture/laboratory course designed to provide students a physical understanding of atmospheric principles. Students are challenged to explain theoretical concepts and to demonstrate a mastery in understanding various physical processes including the theory and practice of weather analysis and forecasting, surface and upper air analysis, fronts and wave cyclones, satellite meteorology, sounding analysis, thermodynamic diagram, cross sections, forecasting, NMC models, MOS, radar meteorology, and severe weather. Communications skills are emphasized.

Instructor: Prof. Steven Cavallo
Office: NWC 5349
Phone: (405)-325-2439

Teaching Assistant: Sam Lillo
Office: NWC 5104
Phone: (405)-325-xxxx

Class meeting times: MTWR 2-3:45pm NWC 5600

Office hours:Tuesday 1-2pm (NWC 5104)
Wednesday 3:45-5pm (NWC 5349)
Thursday 1-2pm (NWC 5104)

For more information, download the full course syllabus
here (pdf)

Useful class links:
Python script class repository
Briefing Evaluation Guidelines
Evaluation form
LEADS (password required)
Some weather and climate web links

Labs and handouts:
Lab 1 Guidelines for scalar analysis Suggested contour values Blank 500 hPa map Blank 300 hPa map
Lab 2 Patrick's guide to working remotely on the SoM computer lab
Lab 3
Lab 4 Guidelines for surface contouring Station model description
Lab 5
Lab 6
Lab 7
Lab 8
Lab 9
Lab 10
Lab 11

Term project
Link to project page

Figures and animations from lecture
NWP data assimilation lecture
NWP physics lecture
Numerical weather prediction lecture
Tropopause- and surface-based PV anomalies
Upper-level fronts
Downstream development at surface and tropopause
Idealized cyclone development at surface and tropopause

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